Dieter Fricke

art-lightpainting - The Visible invisible

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On the following pages you will get an impression of the works of visual artist Dieter Fricke in the form of photographs. You'll also get a lot of information about the artist and his works in text form.

1991 Beginning of abstract painting based on the flow of movement of the hands of a man at the sign of words , sentences and texts to this day I always make paintings, sculptures , photographs etc. on this subject and on the subject of "The Visible Invisible " . In my works themes from the world of the deaf are always used. I stay true to me because I myself am deaf , and I know how we live deaf . So I show the listener in an artistic way our world to help them to gain an access to it. My wish for the future is that deaf and hearing people go more to one another. Deaf people should not lead an isolated life of the listener . We are able to live a sovereign life , if we get the necessary help. Help does not mean for me but patronizing . Deafness is not to be equated with debility . For this reason I will continue to occur at all available opportunities with my work in the public and therefore wish with lots of support from key representatives of public life.